Investigator of the Year Award

Greetings DIA members,  
Each year DIA seeks out a worthy nominee to honor as a stellar defense professional with the Investigator of the Year Award.  The DIA commenced presenting this award in 2007 to recognize excellence in Defense Investigations.  This award is presented to a DIA member in good standing who best exemplifies the dedication and determination required to perform the duties of a defense investigator at the highest professional level. 

We encourage you to take the opportunity to nominate a colleague; highlight and share the invaluable contributions to criminal defense work they have made.  We are accepting nominations for the Investigator of the Year Award.  Send us an e-mail learn about the nomination requirements. 

                 - The DIA IOYA Committee (Erika Thompson & Terry Morris)

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Investigator of the Year
Over the years

2024 - TBD

2023 - Ryan Niss, Ventura 
Marco Garcia, Orange County

2022 - A. Ace Pierce, Bakersfield

2021 - Bianca Garcia, Solano

2020 - Valerie Preciado, Orange

2019 - Chas Wiggins, Ventura 

2018 - Eric Castellanos, Orange

Excellence in Investigations

Commitment to Justice

Compassion for Clients

Passion for Training

2017 - None Awarded

2016 - Jeff Foss, San Bernardino

2015 - Thomas Holcombe, San Bernardino

2013-2014 - None Awarded

2012 - Bill Van Cleave,

2011 - Wendy Carlton, Ventura

2010- None Awarded

2009 - Annette Town, Ventura

2008 - John Blackburn, PI

2007 - David Epps, Santa Clara Alternate