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Membership fees are nonrefundable.

President's Message

Hello Everyone,
 We hope that everyone is having a great year.  Here at the Defense Investigators Association, we are excited to get this new year rolling. 
Membership and Dues 
We are changing the way we do memberships this year moving forward starting in 2023.  We had experimented with a rolling membership method, however this proved to be cumbersome, and we will be going back to our yearly system.  Also, because of increased expenses, we will be raising our annual dues to $50 per year.  This is still a bargain for the opportunities and benefits that DIA provides.  While reverting back to the annual dues system, to be fair, for those who paid their 2022 dues September 1 2022 or later, your payment with cover 2023 dues.  We feel this will allow our members to acclimate to the new system and allow you to get back in the habit of paying at the beginning of the new year. Membership information can be found at: Please be sure to pay your dues and renew your membership (or become a new member) as soon as possible so you are the first to learn of training opportunities such as the one below: 
DITA Trainings
Many thanks to our DITA Committee Chairs, Leticia Macias and Pascual Benitez who have put together the next training offering of the year.  This will take place soon so check out registration and reservation information which can be found at  Our committee has done a fantastic job of locating a great venue.  Be sure to update your membership and register for our upcoming DITA.  Please stay tuned for more events and training opportunities coming in the upcoming year.    
Your DIA Board of Directors 
Ron Weber, President  

What Our Members Are Saying.

There’s so many different investigators from so many different counties that I (am) able to talk with and connect with…and that I learn so much from.I’m very excited to apply that in my future as an investigator.

Kristin Stonebreaker

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Can I pay for more than one membership at a time?

Yes, If you wish to pay for more than one membership at a time via credit card, please have each applicant fill out an application, scan and email to [email protected].  You will be sent a payment link to make all payments at once.

What is your refund policy?

We’re sorry, but in order to keep our membership fees accessible for all we are unable to offer membership refunds.

Does membership include access to potential job openings?

Yes, Visit our Career Center Page for the latest information.